How Much Do Comic Books Cost Now

walking dead comic book.

I’ve never read a comic book before but I’ve been so in love with the Walking Dead that I want to read the comics now. I tried looking online to buy them but I dont know which comic book is in order, can someone help me with that? How much do they usually cost? Thank you!

Look at this list for full chronology:…But, to save the most money, you might want to buy the two books. The first book includes the first 8 volumes and then 2nd includes the following 8 volumes both totalling 96 issues.

How do you organize your comic books.

What size boxes? And by publisher or by “age” or by theme and alpha order? what’s the best way?

The best boxes to use are “drawer boxes” like these: one of the comic book stores near me sells them, so I don’t have to buy them off the internet. The last time I looked at them online, shipping was something like $40 for 10 boxes. But they are a lot more convenient when you have a large collection cuz you don’t have to move all of your boxes around if you want to get to the boxes on the bottom like you would if you have regular long and short boxes.As for organizing them, I put all of them into alphabetical order just like you would find in a comic book store no matter what publisher. When I first started out, I tried to separate the titles into separate boxes (like one box for Uncanny X-Men, one for Fantastic Four, etc). As my collection got larger, it started getting more cumbersome having some boxes nearly empty while others were packed full. I decided to organize everything alphabetically like comic book stores do because it is much easier to find stuff in my opinion. After doing that, I definitely think that it is the best way if you have a large collection like mine (40 full long boxes).To keep track of your collection, go to: is similar to the ComicBase software that the other guy was talking about except it is free compared to the $300 that ComicBase normally costs except for right now cuz they are having a Labor Day sale for $100. doesn’t have all the fancy bells and gimmicks that Comicbase does, but it is more than worth its value (which is free like I said). They also have a really good forum with a bunch of good guys to discuss comics with. The only problem is that it can be slow to load when there are a lot of people on their server.

Urban book authors

Which comics are your favorites. How much do they cost these days.

comic books cost around three or four dollars a piece now. my current favorites are…the walking dead,new avengers,astonishing x-men,action comics,daredevil,iron fist,JLA,JSA,supergirl and the legion of superheroes,and countdown.

how much did a book cost in the 1960s.

i was reading this book and it said that everything was alot cheaper back then. so i’m just wondering, how much would a book cost in the 1960s? thanks!

I have some paperback books from the 1960’s with cover prices under a dollar. I wasn’t in a position to buy hardcover books myself, but I believe that most hardcover books went for $5 or less….However, salaries were a lot lower back then. My dad earned under $8,000 per year for an engineering job with Hughes Aircraft back then, and Hughes was one of the higher-paying employers in the Electrical Engineering field. A new grad in EE nowadays could expect a starting salary of $60,000-85,000 from one of the aerospace defense contractors, and an EE with a security clearance and 5 years experience in the right specialty might make $75,000-125,000.Other things that were cheaper that I remember very clearly: A loaf of white sandwich bread was 25 cents, 15 if you got it on sale; a pound of hamburger meat was 25 cents to 50 cents a pound (generic hamburger vs. ground sirloin); milk was 98 cents a gallon; candy bars like Milky Way or Hershey’s were 5 cents each; gasoline was 24-29 cents a gallon for self-serve (as low as 19 cents a gallon for “gas war” stations), 30-36 cents a gallon for full serve; a new Chevy or Ford station wagon could be bought for around $3,000. Postage stamps cost a nickel, Cokes cost a dime from a vending machine plus 5 cents deposit on the bottle. You could get a Foster’s Freeze vanilla chocolate-dip soft serve cone for 20 cents, and at Sav-On you could get a rainbow Sherbet single scoop for a nickel.Comic books were a nickel or a dime; magazines were a dime to a quarter. You could buy a Hi-Flyer kite at the toy store for 15 cents and ball of string to fly it with for a dime. $25 would buy you a shiny new Schwinn bicycle. You could get a pair of sneakers, AKA “tennis shoes,” at Sears for $2-5 but they were simple canvas-topped, rubber-soled shoes; Converse was the only “brand” athletic shoe. Coffee was a nickel or a dime and nobody had heard of frappaccino or latte or any of the fancy-schmantzy coffee drinks now popular.Long time gone…*sigh*

around what range are old comic books sold.

I wanted to know a old comic book would cost now days. like x-man, fantastic 4 and all the famous one’s. Also in over all how much does a first edition cost.

Try looking on E Bay.

How much does a 300 comic book by dark horse comics cost. it is 1 of 5 published.

There were 5 comics published in 1998 – you cannot buy them new anymore (they are long out of print) – you’ll have to go to ebay – btw there are dealers selling them all below cover price in 1999 there was the 30 dollar hardcover collecting all 5 issues – it is still in print – as is a softcover version.

How much does the CGC (comic book grading) service cost.

So here’s the deal, i have some comic books i’d like to grade with the cgc (certified grading company) but i live in Europe, so i’d like to know the shipping fee they apply,and the price of the grading itself,lets say 4 regular sized comics from 1982. If anyone has done it b4 and want’s to add any…

See for yourself, but they had better be something worthwile to slab

How much does it cost to ship a comic book.

Im selling a comic book on Ebay and need to set a shipping price, but I’am not sure how much it would cost just to ship 1 comic book?

I hate this part of selling on Ebay.Set the price at $3.00 media Mail.Wrap it up, plastic bag then into an envelope and take it to the post office tomorrow.Ask them the weight. Ask them the price for first class and for media mail.Now you can log back into your account and edit the shipping method. Enter the shipping weight. You can let the buyer chose the method. If you want, you can add 50 cents (or a dollar) for the cost of the envelope, or your handling time, but you should write in your listing that shipping include a handling charge.

How much did the first Action Comics book cost.

Back then, not how much is it now. 5 cents..?

Today, a copy is worth about $500,000. There are fewer than 100 copies that exist. When it was printed, 10 cents.

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