Best Books To Learn How To Cook

Whats a good cook book to get to learn how to cook for my husband..

The very best Is “Cooks Illustrated” magazine It is a bi-monthly publication and the TV show is on PBS TV “Test Kitchen. They also have cook books on everything. It is step by step what is the best pan to cook it in which are the best ingredients It is a truly no fail some of the books are sold at Costco. I have the books from the TV show which come with DVD. Christopher Kimble is the Main man.

what’s the best way to learn how to cook itiallian.

so im in love with italian food! 🙂 and its been my new year’s resolution to know how to make and cook itialian. i want it to be like second nature to me. so where’s the best place to learn? are there any itialian food books? or any suggetions? thank for the help!

Well, i can link you a site where the most famous recipes from Italy can be found:…Do NOT trust what you see on your TV or in tour “Italian” Restaurants, they serve things like pepperoni pizza, Alfredo sauce, chicken on pasta and so on that can’t even be found in Italy as they are NOT Italian AT ALL.

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Best books to learn how to properly prepare restaurant quality sushi.

I would like to learn how to prepare sushi that tastes like a restaurants

Japanese sushi chefs would insist this isn’t something you can learn from a book.That said, the hardest part of making sushi is the sushi rice itself. Most Americans don’t have a rice cooker, and cooking the rice on the stove top is a tricky and time consuming task. Then there’s mixing the rice wine vinegar into the rice. Too little, and it’ll be bland. Too much and it’ll be overly sweet and mushy.The actual fish you must buy from a reputable fishmonger, or from an Asian grocery store where the fish is clearly marked as “SUSHI GRADE.”If you don’t have a sashimi knife at home, use the meat slicer and slice the fish in a single long stroke. It won’t look at nice or pretty as the sashimi in the restaurant, but who cares.If you want to make a maki (roll) get one of those small bamboo mats and wrap it with saran wrap. This is how the restaurants do it. You can get these mats from most Asian grocery stores, or specialty restaurant supply stores.You can also get the sheets of seaweed, the pickled ginger and wasabi from your Asian grocery store as well.If you want to make a California Roll or just mix up the spicy mayo-sauce most sushi places use to decorate their rolls, I suggest you pick up a bottle of Japanese mayo as well (Kewpie brand – it’s the best.) You’ll really taste the difference. For hot sauce either use tobasco, or sriracha.

What’s the best way to learn how to cook.

It’s sad to say, but I’m just about clueless on how to cook. I’m sick of eating out all the time and want to see if I can give cooking a try. Do you guys think taking classes is the best? Just get a cookbook and learn from the seat of my pants? Watch Rachael Ray?

I have been cooking for 45 years. I never went to cooking school, never watched anyone on TV. Just got a good cook book and started cooking.Just do it. Get an easy cook book and get to cooking! Best way in the world to learn.That’s the way we learn to ride a bike. Just get on it and ride. If we fall off we try again. Same way with cooking. If we make a mistake ……we just throw it away and try again.I can’t start to tell you how many times I have had to trash something I have cooked when I first started.You can do it. Practice and you will be great! I just know it!nfd

best book or dvd to learn how to cook.

What’s the best book or DVD for someone who knows absolutely nothing about cooking? My girlfriend is always telling me she wishes I knew how to cook. Her birthday is in two months so I’d like to surprise her. Thank You!

Have you tried http// .com. They have lots of videos.If you had something specific in mind, you could type it in and see if there’s a video.See if your local community college has cooking classes. Also your Intermediate School District might know classes in your area.Stick to basics. There’s nothing better in the summer than a simple b-b-q. Chicken and steak are probably the easiest.Last piece of advice. Try out your recipe on family or friends first.Good Luck and have fun

What’s a good book to start learning how to cook.

I’m reluctant to call it a cook book because that has the implication of a recipe book. I’m more looking for something that can help explain how cooking works, what does what and so on.Like, I know that eggs help make food more fluffy (for lack of a better word), sugar more sweet, butter sweetens but…

Ah, a curious-about-how-and-why type of cook, or potential cook… good!Cooking will be much more interesting to you, not to mention easier to do once you figure out some of those things.There are all kinds of hows and whys associated with cooking though.You mentioned a few things about ingredients (eggs, sugar, etc), and those would certainly be some. For some of those, you might want to check out making “breads” since ingredients can change the outcome a lot.Here’s one explanation by “The Reluctant Gourmet” (who’s a good person to check out anyway for all his other cooking stuff–see below):…And these cooks are good at explaining the hows and whys too (some will also be at YouTube):Reluctant Gourmet:….Jacques Pepin’s shows: Bittman (3 pages/seasons)Ming Tsai’s “technique” videos: (click on archives, and season 9 especially)Jamie Oliver (can do search for “how to”)Todd Mohr: (he used to have many more free, but now sells DVD’s of concentrated info)Culinary Arts at (their section on cooking methods): (this is mostly a fee-based site now, but you can still find a few good technique and other videos for free, like this one:Cooks Illustrated Online (another fee-based one)Other sites like the Chowhound boards, Cooking Light, and many many more, also have great explanatory info and videos/etc.Check out some of the stuff I’ve written before about understanding the structure and basics of “cooking”, and also some suggestions for resources for beginning cooks:;_ylt=AjYpzhMog8.7R7CS.tyd5WPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070306102835AA1Y29H(….had to MOVE 2 of these links below, under Sources)Here’s some info from my files on “good books” for beginners who also want to understand cooking:1…Cook’s Illustrated’s (huge) The Best 30-Minute Recipe2…Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.”You can find both at any bookstore or hopefully still at Costco.Bittman’s book I just purchased myself, and even though I only really started to learn how to cook about 7 years ago, I love it because I find I still learn so much from it.3…Joy of Cooking…however be careful of the EDITION you get…the current edition is excellent but the one that proceeded it is not (check info at amazon).Then if you really want serious details about the chemistry of what’s going on in cooking and much more, check out books, blogs, and articles by people like Harold McGhee, Shirley Corriher, Alton Brown, etc, as well as some of the people listed above.For books, always check out the “customer reviews” for a book at amazon to let you know which one you might be interested in (whether new or used version).Have fun!

What is the best way to learn how to cook.

My boyfriend can barely boil water. I’m not kidding. :)Do you know of any basic cooking books? Would taking a class help?I love to cook, but would rather not have to do it every night!Thank you…

Watch the food network. They actually have a show called, “How to boil water!” And people like Rachael Ray usually show some basic techniques (and she always has stuff done in under 30 min). You might get started with the four ingredient cookbook, or the good old Betty Crocker staple. But watching cooking shows is a great idea, because that way you can actually see what goes into a recipe, and see what they mean when they say things like saute, puree, mince, etc. It’s hard sometimes to look at a recipe and really know how difficult it is and how long it will take, but if you’ve seen someone do it you have a much better idea! And every recipe they cook on tv, you can find online! Good luck.

whats the best way to learn how to cook.

the only thing i know how to cook is good scrambled eggs. i want to start cooking meals with mainly meats.

Also, check out all the suggestions for learning to cook in my answers to these previous questions, along with info about how many other people “learned to cook.”how did you learn to cook?…beginning to learn to cook (after college, or for anyone learning to cook);…planning good meal ideas & combinations …varying tastes, textures, healthiness + more:;…shopping for beginners…also for singles;_ylt=AlxqkmNMJegxvEb.0E.zNSbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070308082631AAdDxjtstocking & outfitting a kitchen (equipment + staple foods) can find lots more too in the collected info and answers on this page at my blog about all kinds of cooking–techniques, foods, equipment, “good” teachers and books, etc, etc:http://dianebcooking.blogspot.comHTH

What is the best way to learn how to cook.

I want to learn how to cook on my own i already took living skills two years ago but when we cooked it was always in groups.What is the best way to learn?

I learned some things at home from my Mom, and went from there, one dish at a time. I had cooking class in school, but even at the time, I was way more advanced than the classes were [frying an egg in a frame of bread, dear heavens]. I find a recipe, read it, see if I like the sound of it, make sure I have the skills, and make it.I had never cooked a turkey before, now I have. Never made a real cheesecake, cooked crab legs, made lasagna. All done out of recipe books.I would recommend starting small and fairly simple, baking a cake with a mix, finding a simple frosting recipe, learning things that you need to know along the way. Even buying something in a box, and browning the hamburger or boiling the pasta;. How to brown meat, thicken gravy, baste something, Pick a recipe with one new skill every time you cook. And pick a different food variety, too. Make sure you can cook a good breakfast, lunch and dinner suitable for company. Learn a couple dip and chips, an appetizer, some snacks, some potluck dishes. Learn the things that everyone needs to know, the traditional foods of your heritage or area of the country. For instance, if you live in Vermont, celebrating your states food heritage by buying a carton of Ben and Jerry’s is a good idea, but making home made waffles for some of that good Vermont maple syrup would be better.For me, watching my relatives put out a high northern plains farm buffet[similar to what an Amish family would serve to company] taught me how to feed and please a crowd.Watch some tv shows, and go online for some free cooking lessons.Especially go to PBS and watch America’s Test Kitchen. It is great, and they review food products and cooking gadgets, too. They take a recipe, and make it so it is perfect, which means testing it over and over. I have learned so much there.And I use a lot. They have only failed me once, I wanted a recipe for home made marshmallow, and they did not have one. I have got so many good recipes there, my cheesecake, a sauce for ham, a hamburger casserole, my baked potato soup, and on and on. Pick a catagory, go there, and read the ingredients of what you might like. Love cheddar cheese and hamburger, want to make a casserole using them? Type those ingredients in, and read what comes up.Good luck! Some people seem like they are born to cook, they had the skills and talent all along. I am not one of those people, and if I can cook well and please my picky friends that are way more skilled then me, then anyone can learn.

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