How Many Ever After High Books Are There

How is my first chapter.

“You’d think she could develop some sort of fashion sense.” “Shut up she might hear you.” “Ugh” “That’s her?” “Yea, you’d think she’d be wearing something more high dollar.” These were things I’d heard many times. No surprise that it hadn’t…

I like it. I’m not sure where this book is headed though, but apparently the main character is a high school outcast that is looking for someone, most likely the new boy in her class. Okay so so far it’s a little predictable, but your characters are well constructed and almost anyone could relate a little bit to the main character, but if you construct the plot well and make it complex so we have to keep turning the pages to find out what happens, it has the potential to be a great book. E-mail me if the book plans if you need any insight or if the book gets to the publishing stage.

how ever thank you for your support..

can u explain clearly how can i conceive ?like on the ovulation and luteal phase ? how many days after my periods?is there any plan for chosen gender to conceive?

Although sex is genetically determined by whether sperm from the father supplies an X or Y chromosome, it appears that a mother’s body can favor the successful development of a male or female embryo.The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, shows a link between higher energy intake around the time of conception and the birth of sons.It may be that male embryos are less viable in women who regularly limit food intake, such as skipping breakfast, which is known to depress glucose levels. A low glucose level may be interpreted by the body as indicating poor environmental conditions and low food availability, the researchers said.- Males are much more fragile that femals (in the womb).Gender can not be anticipated by any wive’s tales. (Read the book: Do Blue Bedsheets Bring Babies?: The Truth Behind Old Wives’ Tales).If you want to pick your gender that you should look into IVF: in vitro fertilization.As for predicting ovulation, you can chart your basel temperature, buy an ovulation kit, or use…The ovulation calander will give your fertile days based on the length of your cycle.Your best bet is to have sex every 2 days before and after the anticipated time of ovulation. Once you ovulate the egg will only survive for 24 hours, however, sperm can live in the body for 5 days. Having sex every other day (or every day) will ensure live, healthy sperm during ovulation.I suggest buying a ovulation microscope (cheap, easy, reusable way to monitor your body’s ovulation). For example:

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How difficult is it to teach yourself guitar.

Hello there,I play drums and have been for about 8 or 9 years now. I was taking lessons from a private instructor for about 7 years and have owned a drum set for about 6 years (I stopped taking private lessons due to conflicts in high school work schedule.) Now I basically teach myself new techniques from the…

You have to be very committed for you to successfully teach yourself how to play guitar, and I know that from experience. You’re going to want to get a teacher (it’s too bad you don’t have the time/money for a teacher, but if you ever do, a teacher is well worth the money), but buy some books like “The Total Rock Guitarist”, “The Total Acoustic Guitarist”, and anything by “Musical Institiute” and you’re good to go!Learn the pentatonic scales, barre chords, alternate picking, timing, and the structure of the fretboard and you’ll be great! Alternate picking is very, very important (picking upstrokes and downstrokes), and believe me, you’ll want to develop this technique very well or you won’t be able to play guitar solos very fast (e.g. Eruption by Eddie Van Halen, Stairway to Heaven by Jimmy Page).The first guitar solo I ever learned was Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. It’s very easy and you should learn it! The guitar solo in Heart-Shaped Box (by Nirvana) and Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen) are pretty simple too.I can’t also stress this enough, please learn how to replace strings on your guitar and don’t try doing it by yourself without knowing how to do it. Look up videos on YouTube or go to anyone who knows how to play guitar and let them teach you. The saddles on the bridge may look identical, but they need to be placed in the correct order.If you’re right-handed, get a regular guitar. If you’re left-handed, get a regular guitar.Equipment you’ll want to get:TunerHard case for your guitarAmplifierCleaning clothMetronomeString winder/cutter (for replacing strings)Strings (get the Ernie Ball brand)Whammy barPicks ($4.99 for a pack and they usually come with 12)Good luck bro, I know you’ll be great. The guitar is an amazing choice of instrument and I know you’ll love it just as much, if not more, than the drums. You can e-mail me if you ever have any questions.

B&A: Do you ever get the “What now.” feeling after finishing a book.

Do you ever feel a little sad, if the book was really fantastic?Do you go through book phases, where you’ll read a lot of one genre, and then switch to another and stay there for a while, and so on?Do you always have a set reading list? When that list gets short, do you add to it?For writers – When…

1.) Do you ever feel a little sad, if the book was really fantastic?-Well, I just finished Gone With the Wind a few weeks ago, and upon reading the last line I was like, “What?! Dang it, I need to know what happens next!”Usually I’m left feeling unsatisfied if it was a great book, since I have such high expectations.2.) Do you go through book phases, where you’ll read a lot of one genre, and then switch to another and stay there for a while, and so on?-I don’t really pay that much attention to what genre I’m usually reading, mostly since I get recommendations from other people, Classics book lists, etc. If it’s a good book, I don’t care about the genre!3.) Do you always have a set reading list? When that list gets short, do you add to it?- I’ve started a book list for myself a few months ago, and now there’s so many on it I had to get a second page. But I’ve only actually read about 5 books off of my list. I do read quite a lot of books, but random ones I see at the bookstore. I think it’ll take at least 10 more years to finish the entire list, at the rate I’m going and the rate it’s expanding xD.4.) For writers – When you finish something you’ve been working on for a long time, and I mean really *finish* it, how do you feel?- Well, I wouldn’t call myself a writer, as in the ‘of novels’ kind, but as in the ‘of homework, essays, and short stories’ kind. I find finishing a short story/essay assignment in English class a feat of monumental proportions, because my 7th grade teacher was obnoxious and always had little extra tricks up her sleeves. Needless to say, it was like huge bricks were lifted off of my shoulders, and I felt proud of would I’ve accomplished.


I wanna be an author… how do i publish a book.

I am in high school. I am currently writing a fiction book, (like 1/2 way through) and I want to publish it when I have finsihed…1. How do u get a book published2. what happens after a companey e.g. puffins says ‘oh, yea o.k., we’ll publish this book.’3. What percent of money out of every book…

Mark Twain submitted Hucklberry Fin 60 times to publishers before it was ever published. In other words he received many rejections and rewrites before he had success. You need to get to know the publishing companies and what they want. Some have basically formulas for writing certain types of books. They may only write books that follow a certain line of thinking that agrees with their philosophy; such as, religious. There is a book you can get at the library or can buy it for about $40 at Hastings that lists all publishing companies as well as magazine publishing companies. If you can get published in some magazines, your name will become known and it will be easier to sell your book. Would you ever buy a book buy James Snider? Probably not unless you had heard about him from someone. Agents can give coverage in this area. But they don’t have anything to do with inexperienced writers usually. On the net there are places where writing is discussed in all aspects. They have places that will allow creativity or editing, etc. These areas and the book will tell you of contests, etc., again that will help you become known and experienced. When you send a letter to a perspective publishing company, you will need to mention your experience. This letter usually is a request for publishing a book. The book (from Hastings) will tell you which companies want you to include a small synopsis, some a first chapter of your story and some which don’t. Don’t send a draft of your manuscript unless the company asks for it. All your work will go in the trash can guaranteed. Alot of publication has to do with luck unfortunately. If they have time on the schedule, another author backs out of a contract, or they need a new writer to publish. Whatever you do make sure all work submitted is professional looking. No errors! The author loses credibily with the publisher when there are errors in his work. If you are lucky enough to get a publisher to read your letter, you sure don’t want to lose them due to a tense error or misspelled word.

Parents: Is there anything you do….

…that would make the parenting prudes here gasp in horror and label you a terrible parent?Inspired by a humourous answer to my previous question.This does not include freak incidents or single errors. Rather something or things that you consciously do on a regular basis that might make a “How not to…

Oh Inked, you KNOW the “How Not To Parent” book was based on me!!My children inherited their mothers lack of fear, and enjoy climbing way too high and attempting to jump practically to their death (usually mama manages to put her heart attack on hold to stop them first, does that earn me any points?!)They play in the backyard. Alone. Often barefoot. I didn’t even know this was considered bad parenting until I joined Y!A.I use the dreaded, abusive *CIO method*.We have a rottweiler x boxer, a german shepherd, and a border collie x spaniel. People like to yell at me whilst we are walking them, that they are going to kill my children. I am more worried about our neurotic cats.I (and often my husband) occasionally go on vacation WITHOUT our little darlings.I sunbathe topless in front of my children – *GASP!*. A naked body!! I also have this quality called “honesty” and don’t need to lie about the names of body parts! Call CPS!My parents have carried on the traditon of letting their children and now grandchildren play with rusty old machetes.My 6 y/o son does ballet. Apparently this is a huge no-no in America.**Oooh my favorite. When my 3 y/o and I get up early, we make 5 min chocolate cake for breakfast, and eat it while we read my emails. Said 3 y/o’s new favorite phrase is “I CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF!”Wow I could go on and on. Are my children gonna spend their adult years in therapy or avoiding me?!?!

How many different races are there in existence.

I’ve read in books about India and Africa that in those two counties/continent alone, they’re over 2000 different races. Is this even possible? Why are there so many races? Are they just only marginally different than each other? (EX. one has higher rate of having a bigger nose compared to another).

The simple answer is: there is no simple answer to this question.It depends a lot on the assumptions and methods you use to determine the number of “races”; the first assumption being that race even exists as an objective biological idea. We all carry a “common sense” idea that we can identity a Ugandan, a Frenchman and a Chinese man as ‘African, European, and Asian’. But the steady stream of questions here on Y!A of “what race am I?” or “What race is she?” shows it is not always clear-cut. Or show a typical American photos of a Fijian, an Australian Aboriginal, and a San Bushman, and ask them to identify the three different races … most will certainly struggle.As you and I have discussed here in the past, external appearances like skin colour can be a very deceptive guide to race. Humans differ from each other in significant ways which aren’t visible on the outside: blood type, biochemistry (allozymes and immunoglobins) or hard-to-detect physical features like type of ear wax. All differences between humans, from skin colour and size of nose, to blood type and enzymes, comes down to the individual’s genetics. Since the last 1980s we can view the building blocks for all these features; and since 1999 we can sequence the entire genome of any individual to get the exact DNA recipe which assembled that person – both their visible and invisible characteristics.Modern humans form a single species, with a world population today of around 7 billion. Every human alive has a unique genome, although some are more similar than others. So to give a “number of races”, the trick is to find a number between 1 (all humans, one race) and 7,000,000,000 (one race for every human) such that you form useful or meaningful clusters of similarity in the genome.There are around 23,000 genes in the human genome. Skin colour is controlled by literally 2 or 3 of these. So skin colour represents about 0.00001% of the genome – hardly a significant starting point.After that, it comes down to the specific mathematical technique, algorithm and inputs you use: cluster analysis and principal component analysis being 2 common ones. What answer do they provide? Well, read the first link below to get the result 🙂 As a hint … it is larger than 5.This assumes you’re talking about race as a kind of objective, biological reality. Humans have recognised variations in our own species by creating socially-defined clusters, which might – or might not – correspond to biologically-based clusters. This is the sense in which “race is a social construct”. In this socially-defined view, the possible number fo races is limited only by our ability to artificially partition ourselves into ever more fissionable groups.Hope it helps.EDIT: I have to respectfully disagree with the answer from Gray Bold “Race is usually not broken down to that level. Usually people only use black, white and Asian”. That might be true for some people and places in the world; but it’s rather parochial. In the western Pacific we routinely encounter “black” people who aren’t sub-Saharan African (eg Aboriginals, Melanesians), Asian people who don’t look “Asian” (eg Malays), and people hard to define at all in that scheme (eg Timorese, Orang Asli). Any model of 3 races just doesn’t work here, even for simple folk-taxonomies.EDIT 2 : Great answer from So(u)l, as usual. LOL at the thumbs-down comment; wear it with pride 🙂

How many endangered species are the in the Philippines.

I’d like to know how many species there are per island of the Philippines

There were so many reports that I only had time for this link… And thank you for asking this question—-this is very serious!!Of the 172 species of birds that are unique to the Philippines, 75 are listed as endangered.All but one of the 172 endemic species, and all of the 75 endangered species, are dependent on forest for their survival, and many on undisturbed rain forest. The Philippines is the only country in the world to be entirely covered by the Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) recognized by Birdlife International. Three of these EBAs in the central Philippines are among the ten highest priority conservation areas for birds worldwide. The Philippines is third highest in the world (after Indonesia and Brazil, which are more than 20 times larger) for the number of globally threatened bird species, and is first in the world for the number (40) of endangered and critically endangered unique bird species. Again we see clear evidence that the number and proportion of bird species that are threatened correlates with the amount of destruction of old-growth forest that has occurred within each region. Cebu, for example, which is the most thoroughly deforested island in the country—it has almost no native vegetation remaining—had 14 species and subspecies of birds that are found nowhere else in the world. Three of these are now extinct, and all but one of those still living are believed to be represented by fewer than 100 individuals in the entire population. One of these, the exquisite Cebu flowerpecker, is the most endangered species of bird in the world, with only four individuals known to be alive. The destruction of rain forest habitat may have doomed these birds, just as it has caused Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines, to ration water and to suffer increasingly from saltwater contamination of wells because of the vast decline in rainwater entering the groundwater system.Birds and mammals are the best-known groups of organisms in the world; for the others, so little is known that global comparison of numbers of endangered species is not possible. However, as the Philippine Red Data Book published in 1997 demonstrates, there are endangered reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies in many parts of the Philippines, and a wide range of sources document the ever-increasing numbers of plant species endangered by habitat destruction and over-harvesting.Taken together, these data form the basis for Conservation International’s recent description of the Philippines as having the most severely endangered plant and animal communities on earth. Other, much larger countries may have more endangered species and patches of forest, but nowhere are the problems more intense and proportionately more significant.

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