How To Read Nook Books

How to sell back your ebook to nook.

I unintentionally bought a book from Nook and I was wondering how I may sell it back to them for my refund. I didn’t read the book or anything.

Items That Cannot Be ReturnedWe are unable to accept returns for NOOK Books, magazines, downloadable PDFs for SparkNotes products, gift cards, and shrink-wrapped items that have been opened. Please note: Once purchased, NOOK Books cannot be refunded.The answer is no. They can’t prove you didn’t read it or copy it, so it’s all sales are final.Sampling is not an option.

How do i delete books off of my nook.

i read the book and now i would like to delete it off of my nook how do i do it?

Hi, Alicia, Hi, you can only delete books by logging in to your account at Barnes & Noble web site. The reason for it is that if you lost your Nook, someone who finds it won’t be able to delete your library from the device. Free state books

How many books do you have in your home.

If I had to guess, I’d say between 4000 to 5000. When we moved into our new home, I bought an additional 40 feet of floor to ceiling bookshelves and they are all full – plus I have over 600 books on my Nook. I am a book collector with a particular interest in signed first editions, fine bound and fine press books and tend to collect the works of authors whose books have touched me in some profound manner – Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Harry Crews and others.

What’s a Nook Book …

I kinda want a Nook Book, but I was wondering how to get the books. Would I need wifi? Do I have to be in Barnes and Noble to get the books on Nook Book? I Would like Deep Details what a Nook Book actually is and how much they cost. Is it a good deal? Is it difficult to get the books on Nook Book?!

A Nook book is a book that is normally read on a Nook. Barnes and Noble also has a Nook app that you can download to read Nook books. You do not have to be in the store to download the book, and you can download it to your computer without wireless and read it on the Nook app if you don’t have a Nook. It is not difficult to get Nook books and the prices vary depending on the title.

How to read a book on iPhone goodreads app…

lol how do I read a book on the iOS goodreads app for iPhone?!

You don’t. The app isn’t meant for reading. It’s a social networking site that revolves around books. You use the app to record what you have read, are reading or plan to read as well as what you think of books that you’ve read. If you want something for reading, try the B&N Nook app, Amazon’s Kindle Reader app, or iBooks.

Trouble with reading my nook.

The contrast on my nook suddenly went dim. Not the color touchscreen, the actual part that you read. I can find how to adjust the color touchscreen contrast but not the book display.

If the contrast on your nook has gone down since when you bought it you should take it to your nearest Barnes and Noble. One of the great things about owning a Nook is that you have the ability to get that face to face customer service that the other ebook vendors can’t offer! They will probably replace the device for you if they can’t fix it.If this isn’t an option for you than you should call their customer service number. I believe that it is 1800-the-book.I hope this helps and good luck getting it repaired!

Nook books for iphone.

If I have a nook with books on it, and I’m buting the iphone 4, is there a nook app that I can use to read the books I’ve already bought under my barnes and noble account on my phone?

nook books read on your iphone, you can use this easiest way to achieve: you finish this process, you can transfer nook books to your iphone with no limitation.

how to delete books on nook.

you likely don’t want to delete but to archive so it is off the device but you don’t need to buy it again if you wish to re-read the Took Tablet the directions were in the bigger versionI found it searching delete on the longer user guide and a page or two back had archiving instructions.If you delete it will delete from your online account too.

HOw does the kindle,nook book or nook color work.

How does the nook color,nook book, or kindle work? Do you have to pay a monthly fee or contract? how do you download the books you want to read? Do you have to by the noff the internet or go to a store and buy them? I really want one but are they worth the money?

I don’t know about the Nook, but I have a Kindle, and they work as follows:There are no recurring fees to use the device. You just buy whatever books you want, and read them whenever you want. The device will hold up to 3,500 books. I haven’t tried this yet, but if you delete a book off your Kindle, Amazon still has a record of the fact that you bought it, so you can download it again without having to pay for it again. (This also comes in handy if your Kindle ever breaks or gets lost or stolen – you just register the replacement to the same account and download everything you’ve bought onto it.)There are two models of Kindle, one with wifi and 3G and a cheaper one with wifi only. (I bought the wifi-only one.) You can browse the Amazon shop using the wifi or 3G on your Kindle and buy books, which are delivered to your Kindle there and then. You can also shop using a computer. If you do that, the shop has a “deliver to my Kindle” button. Your Kindle will download the book whenever you next view the main menu.You can buy a Kindle online or in various bricks-and-mortar stores, but you can’t buy the books in stores – what would be the point?I’ve had mine just over a week, so I haven’t quite got used to it, but I can see myself never buying another paper book again.

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